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"The treatment provided by Dr. Dabb has been extremely valuable. The back spasms I was routinely experiencing have all but vanished. I'm no longer considering surgery."
-- Jeff B.

"I have double vision due to Graves Disease. It was getting progressively worse to the point where driving at night was becoming a challenge. I was wearing a patch over one eye to see movies at the theatre and limiting my evening activities... I was amazed that after a couple of sessions I was focusing better. After four weeks I am back driving at night... I would recommend Dr. Dabb to anyone who has an auto-immune disorder."

-- Bess I.

"Most of my aches and pain from working out 5-6 times per week have been almost totally eleviated. This improvement has allowed me to be more productive and improve my athletic performance in a significant way."
-- Luis Y.

"I have had several back/neck injuries dating back to high school. The adjustments keep my back and neck in line, preventing the chronic headaches I've dealt with for the last 8 years."
-- Kirsten U.

"I can drive for hours, or fly, without fear of pain. I can sleep comfortably on hotel mattresses again and I can exercise without ankle pain."
-- Scott S.